How to avoid burnout?

Maintaining consistent output of energy that will last you throughout the year is important for your work and life balance. It is extremely important to understand your energy expenditure and how to channel it correctly for optimum use. As an extension of understanding your body it is vital to have knowledge of the symptoms and results of burnout in order that it does not affect you especially near the end of the year. Burnout can be defined as an individual’s response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors within the workplace.

PLP Africa has been in the corporate lifestyle management services industry for 23 years creating work life balance programs for the like of Standard Bank, MTN and many more. We share 12 ideas that can assist you in creating a flow of energy that will last you throughout the year:

  1. Set boundaries around the use of digital devices when you are not working
  2. Incorporate breaks during your work day
  3. When you are on holiday or on a long weekend refrain from checking your email
  4. When you are not working engage in activities that challenge and interest you
  5. Follow your passion in your work environment
  6. Keep reasonable work hours
  7. Be responsible for preventing your own burnout
  8. Educate yourself on burnout, knowledge is power
  9. Allow your voice to be heard by providing feedback
  10. Remember to take the time to acknowledge and recognise yourself after achievements or deadlines
  11. Take time to treat yourself and time to “play”
  12. Take the time to support yourself with information, training, having flexibility, the proper tools and understanding your roles.

The importance of work life balance will ensure productive energy that will carry you throughout the year at the same time creating top notch work and meeting all your commitments.

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