PLP for Business

Business Process Outsourcing

If you’re looking to improve quality and control costs, PLP Africa may be the partner you need. We have extensive experience in setting up contact centres of any size, and we also manage them which allows you to focus on your company’s business goals.

We’re serious about confidentiality and security, and that’s why we’re compliant with local data protection laws, and we follow strict internal processes. This ensures that your customers’ information is protected. With our first-rate technology and excellent track record, we have a number of major banking organisations as our clients.

Case Study - Bank Windhoek

In 2011, Bank Windhoek (part of Capricorn Investment Holdings) was faced with a decision about its contact centre structure. A change in the operations of the outsourced partner gave Bank Windhoek the opportunity to approach things differently. A higher level of customer care and the integration of a broader range of services provided, were identified as key objectives of any new solution.

PLP Africa was appointed to be Bank Windhoek’s service partner. A state-of-the-art contact centre was established in Prosperita, Windhoek to deliver a radically improved type of customer support, on a 24/7 basis. PLP takes care of front-line admin support for cardholders from Bank Windhoek and Bank Gaborone and is fully integrated into the overall customer contact process.

Service levels improved and the number of calls that led to cross-selling leads increased dramatically.