PLP for Employees

Employee Lifestyle Assistant

It’s hard for employees to separate their work life from their personal life, which leads to increased levels of stress. This is why it’s important for companies to look for ways to get their staff feeling more motivated, committed and loyal.

PLP Africa has a variety of lifestyle assistance and employee well-being programmes that are some of the best in the industry. These programmes can be designed according to specific business needs and with them you can look forward to more productive staff, fewer resignations and absenteeism, and ultimately increased profits.

Depending on your business set-up and your goals, you can include any of the following:

Personal Assistant

Expert assistance to help make life easier.

Expatriate Assist

Support and advice around international relocations.

Wellness Programmes

A range of products and services designed to improve staff or customer health and well-being.

Emergency Assist

Advice and assistance in case of emergency.

Leisure and Lifestyle Management

Get more from life with deals and suggestions on a variety of leisure and entertainment topics.

Our programmes will:

Increase the productivity of your staff

Reduce the number of days your staff are not at work

Boost staff enthusiasm and commitment to your company

Attract and retain talented staff

Improve the overall wellbeing of your staff

Encourage better communication