Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Here's a very small sample of some of our partner suppliers.

Become a Supplier

PLP Africa offers third-party suppliers and partners unrivalled access to some of the regions most active customers. Users of our programmes, whether consumers or employees, seek our advice and recommendations on deals, offers, and delivery capability.

If you've got a reputation for great quality or service, or think our clients would benefit from your product, please get in touch with us using the form below. Delivering unique content is a key success factor in our business, so please give some thought to how you might incentivise these active consumers.

Supplier Form

  • We believe that there is great potential in our partnership with PLP Africa. With them we hope to improve our interactions with our customers, grow our number of loyal customers, make our brand more popular and ultimately increase our sales.

    - ADE BAKARE -

  • I anticipate that our partnership with PLP Africa is going to improve our business by encouraging ongoing customer support, and then rewarding them for their loyalty.